She doesn't ever text me first but will respond relatively quick?

I text her maybe every few days since I try not to overwhelm her but she will never ever text me first, not even a basic "hey how was your day". We have gone on a few dates but I feel I have to put in much more effort than she does in my opinion.

Am i just being strung along or is this just what girls do?


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  • It's case-by-case; regardless put the weight on the content of the conversations not who texts first.

    • this is what im thinking. generally when a girl likes me she will always try to make convo with me. maybe this one is just different

    • Just be careful not to get into a run of only being th one to initiate contact. She could still be unsure of how this is going and not want to come across as clingy or text too much

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  • I prefer it when guys text first because I'm always worried I'll interrupt them at work or during a game. If she's responding quickly that means she enjoys talking with you! Bring it up and say something like I'm worried I'm bothering you when I text first. Is there a good time to reach you? Or I enjoy hearing from you all day. I'm bummed when we don't get to talk until the evening.

    See what she says to decide if you want to keep talking and hanging out.


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  • Could be many things. Worst case scenario is that she is stringing you along. On the other hand, if she is shy, it could be that she has a very hard time initiating things. if the latter is the case, then give her a bit of time and she may open up as she becomes more comfortable with you.

    • I think this is the most accurate. I happen to be one of those shy people. In the beginning of the relationship my bf was usually the one to initiate conversations over text. I was always afraid to "just say hi" but was happy to talk to him each time.

  • Most girls text. But if she goes out when you ask her out, don't worry about it. And never text her again except to tell her where to meet you.