Does this girl that stares at me often, like me?

I'm 25, I'm a student and student worker. I'm currently on work study. The girl in charge of processing my work study is 27. I speak to her every now and then. For Halloween , I got her some treat which she seem very happy about. According to her coworkers, she has a boyfriend. Whenever, I'm in her dept. she walks by me and stares at me. She holds the stare until she's out of sight. Every now and then she would smile at me and say hi. Today I was sitting down with a counselor, the door was open and she walked by the door. She was staring at me as she was walking by. Also today, I was speaking to my friend near her office. As she was walking in, she was staring at me. She usually stares at me and holds it. Does it mean she may like me?


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  • She wants the D

  • Ask her for coffee. If she says yes, she likes you.
    I was never dissuaded from asking a girl out because "she has a boyfriend." Any 27 year old girl who "has a boyfriend" is not in a serious relationship anyway,