Is this Love or Lust?

So I've been talking to this guy for a little over a year now. Recently things picked up with us more because serious feelings started to get involved. The feelings were mutual and he wanted to take it a step farther. Now my issue is he's a very known guy and I feel like that can hinder things being as though I'm a extremely private person.

I find myself thinking about him daily and just wanting to spend all the time I can with him. I never real open up to guys but with him it's different. I never been in love before, I'm really happy with him and I get butterflies whenever I see him.

Is this love or lust?

*He always want me to be around him, and when we're out he always grab my butt, lol. He's always telling me funny stories and he makes me laugh


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  • On your part, it is love.
    On his part, the only way to know is to hold out and see if he keeps coming around.


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  • For you, it's about the butterflies in your tummy...
    For him, it's about grabbing dat ass in public..