How to ask my ex from 4 years ago?

So once upon a time we were known as the perfect couple and we loved each other. But I was not ready for a relationship and struggled with depression at the time. I then started taking depression pills, and went nuts one day. She broke up with me because of how weird I was acting but wanted to stay close friends. She said she. could not have a boyfriend at the time. I needed some time and thought she did to so I did not talk to her. She then dated another guy and we got mad at each other, boom crash, you know drama, I want to keep this the short version. But anyway I am definitely ready for a relationship now and we have gotten closer. But does anyone have any tips on asking a friend out I once had a disastrous breakup years ago? Advice is very much appreciated.


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  • At 13, I doubt you really knew what love really was.

    • You are right because I did itt know Iloved her until after we had broke up. I figured I would eventually get over it like any other girl, that never actually happened.