Friendzoned via text, what to do?

Ouch! So I went on one date with this girl and had a lot of fun with each other, but the next day, I get a text saying how I was fun and cheerful and wants to hang out again, but doesn't see it turning into a dating relationship.

1) I think I'm doing something wrong here, this has happened twice in a row now.

2) How do I even respond to a text like this? I feel like a dick if I ignore her, but how am I supposed to befriend a girl I like only to see another guy hook up with her?

Sheesh, good thing I have lots to keep myself busy these days so it doesn't bother me as much as it used to but it's still a let down.


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  • What do you do? Be her friend. Don't worry about it. She doesn't want to date you, and of you were to date a woman who doesn't want to date you, it wouldn't work out.

    When a woman who wants to date you, and you want to date her, it'll be a lot better.

    • Your last paragraph is good. It just starts to make you wonder if it's something you're doing wrong, y'know?

    • I would suggest that what you're doing wrong is in your mind not allowing a girl to reject you romantically. Go into a date not expecting to come away with anything, and you'll never come away disappointed.

  • "I am disinterested in being your friend. I want the pussy.", honesty?

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