How to I tell my boyfriend that I don't want to kiss him?

I still like him, I just don't like kissing. I don't like kissing in general, but I am just afraid that I tell him he will think I don't like him or he will break up with me


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  • WHAT? YOU DONT LIKE KISSING? Maybe he just isn't very good at it or you to don't have any chemistry. You are going to have a hard time getting through life not kissing. Well you are young I am guessing the guys you been with were clueless. I am hoping you will grow to like it because kissing is one of the most wonderful things you can do with your mate. Kissing means so much and tells you so much about how someone feels about you in a relationship. I go no answer no one will be OK with this. If you tell any guy you don't like kissing he will take it personal and think you don't like his kissing. He probably won't stick around too long either. So maybe you 2 work on the kissing cause he isn't doing it right or your dating him for the wrong reasons cause you 2 don't have chemistry


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  • This, indeed, is pretty awkward ;)

    What exactly is it, that you don't like about kissing?

    Don't you like it in general, even normal kisses on the lips?

    Don't you like kissing with the tongue?

    Do you dislike his breath?

    It's pretty weird I think for not liking kissing at all. Kissing can be so exciting, being so close to your partner and all :) Well, if you just dislike it that badly, you gotta let your boyfriend know, but just go with the "i really do like you"-part, first!

  • what's the point of having a RELATIONSHIP, if you can't show you affection to each other?


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