Have I fallen for an emotionally unavailable girl, or just one that needs to go slow?

My marriage ended 9 months ago, a few weeks back I posted an add, on cl seeking ltr. I was approached by a young woman whom I had the pleasure to meet last week. We have been together nearly every day. Her last relationship recently ended but was, very violent and abusive, she has a child and is younger than me, by a bit. She told me last night we wouldn't speak agin till the next night and that was good, she could process things, that she did not want me to be a rebound. I expressed to her my feeling and that I was effectivly crazy for her her parents and the brief encounter with her child, but that I understood the situation and that I would not force the issue. I also told her that I was here, I wouldn't go anywhere unless she asked. I am patient man, gentle, caring, affectionate, and stable. I don't make a lot of money but I have a huge heart. I don't want to lose this girl, I would be her friend but I would rather be her partner. Not today, not next week, not next month, but I have never met anyone like her.


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  • Youve known her a week, you dont know her to love her or have those feelings. Sounds like she's a cl scammer, it's her job to have you gasping for more. Take it slow don't pay her expenses cos you feel sorry for her sob story & seriously don't be one of those men who must have a woman to function! That's the lowest type of codependency possible & it isn't attractive in the least.

    • Thanks for the response, I don't need anyone to function but my self. i am neither codependant or week as the last year I have literally lived a solitary life. Could be a scammer, we have met and I have met her family and child we have been slightly physical. I'm not claiming to be in love either but she does make me feel happy, in a way that's not like going out etc. she hasn't asked me for anything either so, but could be a scammer. I would have never thought they met in person stayed at your home etc. but maybe. Show what I know. Again thanks for the response, and the slight hatefulness sprinkled in.

    • Not hatefullness but reality, my father was also swindled by an online scammer who presented very similar to your situation & he lost his retirement savings to her cos she loved him.

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