I've been dating a man for a month now, is it time to take down our profiles?


I've been see a man for a month now on POF and things have been going great. We haven't had sex yet because I told him I wanted to wait until we were in a relationship. He says he's okay with that but we have went to 3 base with each other. We talk everyday and we've been on 4 dates so far, 3 of them have been (no sex) sleepovers.

I was looking at my profile today and I noticed that he has hidden his profile. This has prompted me to think it's time for a talk with him to take it down completely. I don't want to move too soon but with the way our intimacy is going we're going to end up having sex soon and I want to have a talk soon before that happens.

Any advice on what I should do?



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  • Hide your profile.

    • I did today. I think now I want to have some sort of talk with him about where we stand. I feel like because he hid his that it's time, right?

    • Yes, just hide it and take it from there.

  • A month? I wouldn't.

    Somewhere between 3 and 6 if things were going fantastically well and the sex was great.


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