Would you be offended if I said you never go out and accused you of being depressed?

My girlfriend and I can't really see each other right now because of her parents. She cries every other time I see her but claims to be completely fine. I ask her what's going on at home She says it's fine. She barley goes out I actually encourage her to have fun and go to parties etc .. she kind of backs off now completley denying saying she's fine. Maybe she is to an extent but I'm done initiating everything.

I'll text her like once a day every other day. She's even nudged me off a couple times. She has a really hard time showing affection and emotion and sees me as a really strong individual and doesn't want to appear weak is what I'm thinking. I think her judging me off is an ego thing. I sincerely doubt she is cheating because I've offered her a break and to end it off and she got hysterical. Expressed some trust issues with her she was extremely genuine.

I think her nudging* not judging


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  • I'd definitely be offended. I understand her being the way she is. You'll want to keep an eye on her, and try to text her a little more. It is possible, she doesn't want to appear weak, so she conceals what she is feeling. So, if your asking what to do. It's hard to say, but I'd start by trying to get her talking. Reassure her that you're there for her, and you're not going anywhere. If she thinks your a really strong individual then, tell her that she can lean on you, and you can be her support if she'll just open up a little bit.

    It's really easy to talk to someone, after they've opened up, just a little, because once she understands she can tell you even the smallest detail, she'll trust you just a little more, probably enough to tell you the whole story. If she has trust issues, then opening up isn't going to be easy, you'll both have to completely open with each other, and both be opening up the "flood gates" about each other, but that's a relationship. You need to trust each other, and rely on each other if things go south.

    If she really needs the help, she'll take the hand that is held out to her.

    • How do I do this without flooding her with text.. don't want to annoy her to bombard her to the point where I push her away. Quite frankly I hate that I'm the guy and I constantly have to bring these emotional topics up all the time. I want to let her know I'm here though. I'm not going anywhere. Because I'm re ally not I love this girl.

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    • It's really hard for me to do these cheesey sappy things. Really hard.

    • Well, if you say it's really hard for you do really cheesy, and sappy things. It's gonna make things difficult, and really hard to develop a solution to your problem. I'm not exactly sure, how else you'd go about trying to fix the situation.

  • I'd be offended, of course

    • I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong so I can help

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