Is dating this tough for everyone?

Not sure how other people are meeting folks, but I usually meet women on the train, outside, etc. only a handful of people I am meeting through other people. Online dating is a massive joke. Everyone flakes and no one.

So I have been meeting some women, I thought the conversation went good. I focus on her, make her laugh, and then get her number. I'll text later that it was nice to meet her and throw in a reference to our conversation.

No reply. Last 7 days I have 4-5 numbers and nothing. I switched it up to calling like at 8pm was th some women - straight to voice mail.

Are girls really this picky? Do people not want to date? It makes me miss my ex, no hesitation that we both wanted to hang out and be with each other. I find that's incredibly difficult to find.


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  • It's just a hit or miss, I my self when was dating as much as I can, had a decent success rate but I'd have to approach a lot of girls, if I approached 20 I'd get 16 numbers and from there id get 10 good responses, 10 dates and about 6-7 becomes 2nd dates and 5 average continues to stay in touch, see how much the numbers shrink, so from 20 Girls I approach I keep 5-7 which is less than 30% but my friends tell me that's a good success rate so.. I guess?

    And so I was continuing to move on and add more numbers, now I've stopped.. Trying to focus on my self more and my texts were becoming complicated

    • Mine is much lower. 4 dates with 20 numbers, 1 is still in touch

    • it Happens, over time my numbers started to increase as I understood women better, they're not that complicated and different from us.
      But rather just more complex

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  • yes beacuse people are shitty human beings

    • humans can't be that bad

    • humans can't be that bad!

  • I've never been on a date, so... lol You're doing better than I am.

    • Yes but are you putting yourself out there?

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  • Never call a girl more than once a week. If she stops responding move on and don't respond. A lot of girls are like that and it's just not worth the money and trouble to be dating typically, especially online. Listen to Tom Leykis and look on YouTube, he has advice pertaining to this stuff