A friend and I decided to try dating but it didn't work out, now what?

I've been good friends with Peter for several months now. We confided in each other and after many failed attempts at a relationship with other people, we decided to give us a shot and it didn't work out..

A typical date lasts a couple of hours right? Well no he insisted the whole weekend. The first few hours were good but by Sunday i think we both felt irritated.

As I was leaving. We discussed it and we made a conclusion that we just weren't feeling it. (Although, I feel like if we would have spent less time together we might have worked out) I'm okay with that but I really value our friendship, he said things won't change, we just won't call each other "babe" anymore.

I want to believe him but considering how horrible things went and also the fact that we kissed and cuddled, could things go back to the way they were? If not, how do I handle this to make sure we don't lose the friendship?


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  • Just gotta act like none of it ever happened.

    I Normally become better friend with my ex's after we break up anyway. (I don't know, it's weird like that)


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  • You tell jokes about every second of the experience until it stops being awkward

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