I sometimes wonder what kind of desperate/funny/sexual/flatterying msgs you ladies get. share you best of PM youve recived>?

more than one is fine!!! asrdsfasdf


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  • Some of the messages I have received from random men, word for word:

    "mmm, you are a naughty girl for getting pregnant ;)" <-- Never even seen this dude on the site before and just so we're all clear, I am 100% NOT pregnant. Lol

    "Pretty how are u doing , when is my skin will b smooth as yours?"

    "hi. you're pretty, send me nudes?"

    "I like your face. Skype with me?"

    "do you like feet fetishes?"

    There are more, but I these are some of the weirdest/creepiest I've gotten.


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  • My most recent ones:

    1. There is nothing I love more than watching a girl writhing in ecstasy at the touch of my tongue or dick.
    My sex drive is uncontrollable! I have a constant erection!

    2. I want to adore you. Please, be my goddess. I want to be your slave like a dog and kiss your feet

    3. I'll do whatever you want. Please, humiliate me.

    4. U into cuckold?

    • U in2 slaying Orcs? ;)

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    • @kain7th DON'T. Girls who enjoy DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and similar shit don't frequent at bars!
      Except when they are me & they are pretending to be normal (once in a blue moon).

    • would be so cool if i got a girl like that lol. i think you're all hiding at home though... like me :p

  • You've gotta be kidding me! I could've totally gotten best answer from some of the pervertish things guys have said. As soon as I delete them then you ask this question.

    Well anyway let's just put it this way it's definitely not something you should be saying/asking a minor.

  • All I usually get message wise is guys trying to sext and Skype me... I can smell a perv a mile away now though. I have a whole inbox full of examples.

  • I've had guys message and just be like "hey saw you're new here. Wanna send me nudes"

    Or a guy just come out of left field and ask if I preferred to spit or swallow

    • hey they straight up ask you without talkin to you first? lmfao

    • Yes they do. Well except one guy, he made small talk with me at first, and then asked if he could ask me a question. I said sure. Then he sent me pics of his baby dick and asked me if I laughed when I saw them. I did. Very hard.

  • This guy messaged me and told me if he could worship me. Then he said that he wanted to be my slave and that i could urinate on his face or punch him or something. I told him that he could be my friend, but then he said he wanted to worship me. Then this other guy asked me if i can send him nudes and i said no, and he kept insisting. This other guy send me pictures of his dick on Facebook (i have no idea how he found my Facebook to be real here).

  • Too many to go back and look on mobile, most recent one is "how big is the vibrator you ordered"

    Like get outta here you DONT need to know. 😒


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  • Most of them are pretty innocent but the ones from the military claiming wanting to know me better is a bit iffy tho.
    Googled her profile picture turns out it's a pic ripped off from various military social media sites and sometimes historical pictures.

  • I got this PM from a woman claiming to be working on the military of England and gave me her phone number and e-mail adress because she wanted to get to know me better.

  • it's always especially freaky seeing what guys will say to underaged girls :o

    • Kitty! What have you been saying to minors?

    • @nothing_ i just pick on them for not being as good at nintendo as me ;D

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