Guys who have gf but still go on other dates?

Basically I noticed don't know if its true my bf that u dumped been going or tried to go on other date while being with me? Girl asking him where is my date.. and when I confronted him he tried to deny it..

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  • sounds similair to the girl i m in love with, but to her, every guy is a friend, i dont believe her one liittle bit, she was also denying it, or got angry, it made me angry , and im strill extremely angry. i thought after sharing a pregnancy and miscarriage with her, i would have a better status in her eyes then i do right now, she hates me.

    do i find it acceptable behavior no not all, but she does these things because she is truly a damaged, insecure and sad person, who needs this kind of validation, and it hurts me she lets others use her, i really care about her, but I've come to a point were im slowly starting to accept that i can't help her. i will try one more time to make things right a bit, but i think it will hardly make any difference, maybe in the long run it will.

    the question is, do you want to live in the uncertainty that people like her, or your bf, let you live. were you are watching a movie on your own, he could be doing other things. if you have a good reason, to suspect he is doing that, confront him with it, and if you feel he can't give you a proper answer, tell him to better be honest or else he can fuck off. love yourself, some people are just mean,

    • hey i dumped the guy..

    • mmm sorry, well in your case, maybe he felt he was about to be dumped and looked for a replacement. i know how that feels , even if you are the dumper and i am the dumpee. it makes you feel worthless, like it wasn't real. people that do things like this, have in my mind, a personality disorder. no normal person can act like this, pretending it never meant anything for them. you feel betrayed? but well you dumped him so why should you even bother, the girl that dumped me isn't making any effort to end things on friendly terms especially after i shared a pregnancy and miscarriage with her. dating these days, sounds like a sick game.

    • no it came in a shock to him.. i talked about other issues in relationship which is thought was wrong.. i dodnt know if he was.. but anyway you have to fix things not replace every time you feel that you being dumped.. he deserved it. he pushed me away and put on a second plan.. so it his own faul he got dumped!

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  • so you have a bf who still dates other girls?

    • I used to.. i don't know if its true. When I found out I dumped him straight away..

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    • indeed and when i found out.. i ended it!

    • seems like you made the right choice. now you have more experience for the next guy

  • a person who has a partner and still dates others... is called a cheat

    • ha totally agree.. i dumped him straight away!

  • Was there actually any conversation about exclusivity between the two of you?

    • hi.. hi offered yes. he offered me to be his gf

  • Some guys do it. To be honest I'm somewhat still interested in other girls even though I have a gf. I do it, because it feels great to make new connections. I am in a LDR so that might be one of the reasons. I'm not necessarily looking for sex. Cuddling is also good. But if sex happens, then it happens. I keep it my secret. It would be a bit hard though to have sex, anyway..

    • well then you need to decide whether its a gf or option.. thats very bad!

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    • I'm afraid I would do the same even if there was no big distance. I'm just a wrecked person, mentally ill , I don't know. If anyone said that at me I wouldn't get offended because i know that they are right. My only hope is that I always try to make myself relaxed by thinking"if she doesn't know it won't hurt her".
      But yes you're 100% right.

    • Well he is not mentally ill. He is just a cheat if he did it..

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