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Hey everybody! I've been considering downloading the Tinder app. However, there's one thing that concerns me that I can't seem to find online!

I know it uses Facebook for its info about you and pictures and such, but I was wondering, do you get to CHOOSE which pictures are available to people looking at your profile? Or can other Tinder-ers see *every* profile picture, tagged photo, timeline photo, etc that I'm in? I'm interested in the app, though I'd really like to be able to choose which photos are visible and which aren't through the app!

I'm just confused about how the app works, is all!

Oops, forgot to ask something!
If you *do* get to choose which pictures are visible, can you only choose from profile pictures? Or is it possible to also use tagged photos or timeline photos?


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  • You choose what pictures you want to use. I created a Tinder-specific album on FB, made it private to just me, and put all the pics I wanted to use in there.


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  • You can choose whatever picture you want, and I think it doesn't matter if it's just profile or not.
    I think you have total freedom in that. I've used it and I chose what pictures to show.

    • Yes, confirmed, you can choose any picture, even those you're tagged in.

  • No people only see the pictures you choose to upload from fb to tinder.

    • Ohhh, alright! Thank you! :)
      Can you choose from *any* pictures of you on Facebook (tagged or timeline photos), or can you only use profile pictures?

    • I could choose from all my pictures.

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