Please explain how it's possible for a person that you are seeing to change their mind?

So im seeing this girl for couple months, couple dates, no kisses or anything like that because i have no idea what she was comfortable with. Anyway best girl I've talked too in forever since my last bad break up.

Couple days ago we are all lovely and goin great and ever since yesterday she just kinda ignored me and acted different big time. It pretty much started after if she wanted to go out this weekend, and making the excuse that she doesn't have money because she spent it last weekend. Today she message me that she turned off her phone yesterday so she wouldn't get distracted and never responded to my msgs the day before. After couple msgs back and forward, same thing, no response. Died for another night. This never happened before and this is not her especially with the acting weird part. Funny thing is that she made a snapchat story of a guy saying "bae" with a heart after she "turned off her phone". Also i was on fb that night and she was online mobile. So thats pretty much saying she was literally on her phone but not responding. Which, kinda pisses me off... but i dont even know why im mad since she's not even considered mine or my gf. I just dont get it sometimes. Should i even try anymore with her?

Anyone have something similar happen to them? Please explain.



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  • Oh she's not intersted anymore and making clear excuses. Don't bother with her.

  • Stop trying with her, she is clearly interested in someone else! She may have been feeling you as a friend and bnothing left.


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