I met this girl online, she lives a ways away from me, we hit it off and I really like her, but I have some questions to ask. Could you guys help?

Hi everyone! I met this girl online and we really hit it off. We've only been messaging for a few weeks, but I like her, and I pretty sure she feels the same way. We text all the time, we have meaningful conversations, and have quite a bit in common. She's a lot like me, which is great because I've never found someone like me before. Now you're probably wondering why I don't just ask her out. Well... I'm in college and she's a senior in high school two hours away. That's really the only problem with this whole situation. Since I'm in college, I can't just take a trip down to meet her. There's a town that we could meet in that's in-between us, but she'll still be driving an hour and a half, while I only have to drive 30mins, and I don't want to make her waste so much time just to meet me. I could probably meet her in the summer, or spring break, but that's a long time away and I fear that our thing could fizzle out before then. I don't know what to do. I want to meet her, but I can't just up and leave campus for a two hour drive, and then even if I did, what if we didn't hit it off in person?

Next couple questions: So if I do manage to meet her, what is expected of me when we meet? How do I greet her? How do I act? What do we talk about (because we do most of our talking with our phone) so I don't know what there will be to talk about? Basically I don't know what to do when meeting a girl I've been talking to for a month or two for the first time. Also, should I ever tell her I like her? I know that the feeling is mutual, but I feel like it's too early to say stuff like that, especially since we've never met.

I'm new to long distance relationships so please help me out everyone. Thanks! (P. S. sorry for the essay)


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  • Damnnnnnnnnnnnn what a long Q..

  • Act normal. Be yourself. Ask interesting things.


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