Guys.. do you say certain things to your girlfriend or person you are dating just to get a reaction for confirmation or security?

This guy I have been seeing said tthat we don't talk much and that he doesn't know if we are connecting in that way. I noticed that he always acts this way when we are going to be a part for awhile. We haven't made it official yet and I admit I have a hard time opening up. Anyway he had to house sit and he thought he wasn't going to see me but I decided to meet up and eat somewhere with him. I brought it up and he said he was just saying that as if it wasn't nothing. Do you think it was sort of a test to see if I cared? Do you say certain things to get a reaction to see if she still cares?


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  • I would expect that he is either trying to test you as you've thought or is slowly drifting apart... some guys need a good physical confirmation that you are there for him and only him. like a kiss


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