What do I say to him so we can move on?

We have a long history. We dated but were never official. I rejected him. We ended up staying friends after a year (he was really upset) and he told me he likes me and always has. He also said he sees me in his future and plans to marry me. He continued to try to flirt with me, date me, hook up with me etc over the last few years. I started getting feelings for him again, still have them. I told him we need to move on from the past. He said we'll always stay good friends and still says he wants me in his future. But still says hell always remember me rejecting him really bad and he was depressed over it. he's clearly still upset over it. I apologized again and told him i still care. how can we move on what do i say?
He moved to the other side of the country last year. I dont know what to say. I just want to move on and not have him say things like that because thats why i can't move on but want to. Im over it

What is your take of the situation? Do we have a real possibility? Is distance a major factor?


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  • Time is the great healer. You could try writing him a good by letter

    • I just tried telling him, but he always bring up that he wants to be together one day, which just defeats the purpose.

    • Be firm that you're moving on

  • Just be blunt about it...


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