Worrying if this girl is into me or not?

Me and this girl went on a date this past Saturday, and man, it was awesome. We connected on all levels, except physically. I'm still pretty tentative when getting touchy with a girl. But intellectually we really hit it off. So we said we wanted to see each other again because we enjoyed each other so much. We talked for a little bit on Sunday and then I tried texting her on Monday to set up a second date but I still haven't gotten an answer out of her.

She's admittedly a bad texter so I don't know why I'm worrying but she usually texts back saying she just got caught up with things and forgot. Haven't really gotten that. I don't know what I should do, and I'm worrying because this has happened to me in the past. I think something could eventually come out with this girl, but I don't know anymore.

ANy help?


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  • Well for one, from now on don't think of "we hit it off really well" there's no "we" in dates for us men
    What we need to do is focus on "her" did "she enjoy" I don't care if u had fun, and don't assume she did. U should've kept a little distance after this first "great" date, to test her.. If she really did have a good time she would've let u known.

    Numerous times I tell guys, after splitting up from the first date "assuming u two haven't slept together" wait for her text, if she had a good night. She'll text u almost immediately, thank u and remind u she had a good time. She'll also want to talk to u the next day.. So u wait and wait.. Till she finds a reason to text u or call u first, usually they'll say hey ! Last night was fun or if she's annoyed u didn't text her all day and she waited she'll say "busy?" Something on those lines,

    If u keep initiating that excitement dies out for girls, u want ur dates to chase u, not the other way around.. And the less attention u give them the more they chase.. Assuming they really had a good time

  • try to call her instead?

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