When I ignore him, he now gives me attention?

I have gone out/hung out 3 times with a guy so far. He is 29 and I am a few years younger. On the first, we went out for drinks and apps and lasted about 4 hours. All we did was kiss goodbye but did not want to stop. On the second, we went to a movie and then we just kissed goodbye again. I was going out of town the next day and he wanted to see me before I left. We did text every couple of days while I was out of town for the holiday, asking what we did and stuff.

On the third, we had a pizza and movie night. We immediately started hooking up since we had not seen each for a few weeks. we went further and he did everything in a fast pace (ie taking off my clothes). I thought it was too fast so I had to slow him down and he said ‘whatever you want to do’. we barely watched the movie, but instead while eating we just chatted and snuggled on the couch. he asked to hang out a few days later but later cancelled.

We still heard from each other every couple of days just asking how our weeks or weekends were. It will be almost 2 weeks since we have seen each other. After ignoring him and being vague, he started talking to me and asked to hang out. He suggested actually going out to dinner and he would pick me up. This is new for me to think of him like this.

What are his thoughts?


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  • Maybe he is really interested since you haven't sleep with him keep him like that so he will stay curious about u

    • what should I say to him that I am not ready to sleep with him? so I do not drive him away?