"If they really like you, they will ask you out"?

How many of you believe this. If someone really likes someone else they will ask them out otherwise that person really did not like them thaaat much

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  • The shy excuse isn't that relevant after a certain age. Maybe high school sure, but I don't know too many 25-30 yo men who have never asked a woman out due to shyness. If you're not getting asked out he's either unavailable, not attracted to you, or feels you wouldn't be a good match. I am not gonna go against a mans feelings about me and ask out a man who clearly doesn't want to date me.

    • Interesting. You say that if a woman is not being asked out by a guy it is dues to the 3 things you stated.

      Now why does that only apply to men? Unless he says he doesn't want how do you know what he's thinking. How do you know he " clearly doesn't want to date me"?

    • He would have asked me out if he wanted to date me. If he doesn't do that, then that's all I need to know lol

  • Typically if they really like you. They will ask you out even if you might reject them.

  • Interesting
    I agree with both-glamgamergal & pr3ttybr0wn.


What Guys Said 7

  • I disagree with this, a guy or gal, can be so paralyzed with fear of rejection, to the point that move NEVER gets made!

  • If someone really do love someone he/she won't have excuses.
    There are people trekking across Syria to get back to their wife and children. That's love.

    • Trekking across for certain things... Hmmmmm

      Sounds like the story pop constatntly told me. "In my day we had to walk 10 miles to get somewhere and 10 miles back home!"
      Same story my friends parents told them as well!

  • true that

    if they really like you they won't hesitate, even if you reject them

  • I believe in this!

    @linkywinky wanna go out?

    • that requires putting PANTS on though.

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    • "I wasn't expecting a sweatshirt"

      It's 14 degrees. :/ There's always gonna be a sweatshirt.

    • @linkywinky well then, wanna go out here? It's 55 degrees here. :)

  • Don't believe in that, lots of people like/love other people, but they have no guts to tell it or go out with them.

  • I know there are girls who will give up on a guy that never asks them out and they won't approach themselves

  • I don't believe this because asking out is the man's chore.