My crush only sees me as a friend. Help?

This is a bit long but please bear with me.
I told my crush I like her the other day and she said she only see's me as a friend. Which I'm used to.
Last night we were all drinking and my crush started giving hickeys to people. (She enjoys doing it but she's never really done it before but is naturally good at it). We were all past tipsy and I said I wanted a hickey. And she again said she only saw me as a friend and kept saying she didn't want to string me along and kept checking if I was sure I was okay with getting a hickey from her.
Some of my friends are telling me I shouldn't give up on my crush, but all the times I've kept going with a crush it's never worked our for me. But I really like her as a friend and I don't want to ruin that by chasing her too much.
What should I do? Should I keep following my crush? And if so, what should I do?

The reason I asked this question because some of my friends are telling me to not give up but the way she was acting yesterday, even while drunk makes me think there's very little or no hope
And I'm just unsure of whether to take my friends advice or not


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  • Be friendly and if anything develops, it develops. That said, don't ignore any other women waiting for what may never be.


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  • Your crush is a slut! Do you really want this type of girl as your girlfriend? It will only lead to further heartache.

    • She's only like that with alcohol
      She's really sweet, kind, funny and geeky. She's also inexperienced when it comes to anything related to relationships, and I am too.
      I would honestly really enjoy having her as my girlfriend

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    • Well it sounds like you really like her! Maybe you need to ask her the one important question. What would it take for you to see me as more than a friend? You seem to be a young man of words, maybe she needs some action. Maybe she wanted you to just kiss her, without asking. Go to her dorm room, knock on her door, don't say anything. Just take her in your arms and kiss her.

    • I'm really not a person of action. I'm a little socially awkward and anxious and I really struggle doing big spontaneous things like that
      I might ask her that though. Thanks!

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  • A girl giving hicky to her friends that's the type that would cheat on you or hurt you. I say if your looking for a one night stand then go for it. But I highly doubt she wants a relationship that's why she doesn't want to destroy your friendship. I say find a better girl.

  • you can't force other people to see you with another point of view you know... :-P

  • Find another crush.

  • This is a topic about a guy having a crush on his friend, but the feelings are not mutual.