I don't know what to do... help?

This guy and I been dating for 2 months now. We built a friendship first last year and now we made it official. My issues is prior to us being in a relationship he had a pretty busy schedule. He owns a sneaker store and he manage two local artist. Now it didn't bother me then but it's bothering me now.

I barely see him I barely talk to him, I'm always initiating the conversation weather it's texts or call. So I expressed how I felt and his response was "I been busy I got a lot on my plate I'm sorry babe... you got to respect what I'm going, you don't want no bum guy do you?"

That response slightly annoyed me because I never discredit what he was doing do I replied saying "I never said I don't respect it I was judt telling you how I felt" He says "you know how it is when you busy I don't be getting home until 2-3am" I responded saying "you and I are different I can be busy but if I think of you I'll stop what I'm going and text you. But finish working and get home safe" and I left it at that... and no he didn't respond after that but he called and I missed but didn't call back I just went to sleep

What should I do?


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  • There are no. of things you can do.
    You wanna go aggressive or use love as your weapon :P


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