How to forget something?

I used to talk to this guy, every day for the past year. When I found out that he only liked the attention I gave him, I cut off all contact with him.
Now, more than a month later, I still think of him everyday. He is even haunting me in my dreams.. and recently I met this really nice guy, and I want to give this guy a chance, but I don't know how to forget the other one..
Does anyone have tips for me? On how to stop thinking about someone?


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  • To every mental solution there's a desolution. What ever you did, have been doing, and was doing to make you think, feel, or enjoy his company, have to stop doing. This means it takes time. Let time heal you, and you must do the rest by keeping your life really busy. You must. Think of it as trying to forget the things you know in school. Study for a test and take. The finals. Then after your done try to forget about it all. You really can't unless something more important replace it or old lol.

    • Thanks! That's a helpful answer! I know I have to keep myself busy, but it's just hard finding replacement.. I wish it was as easy as forgetting the material after a test haha

    • Well I don't know how woman's mind works, but an helpful hint would be not rush it, I could be your replacement you might not drop no feelings for a dude online. But every once in a while you talk to someone you have interest in.

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