She has a boyfriend but she behaves like this with me?

Long story short, I have this girl in my college class, we are very close friends, she has a boyfriend (he is in another city), since the beginning of the year she started to treat me differently, she touches me often, shoulder, hand, whatever. She hugs me sometimes and laughs when I make a joke. We are very close friends, I like to listen so she tells me everything, at first I tried to see her as a close friend, then as a sister, but I finally gave in and now I like her more than a close friend.
A few months ago, she was on a break with her boyfriend and she went out with one of our classmates, the date was a total failure because my classmate lied her about being single, while he had a girlfriend.
We talked a lot about this, about many things, and now I finally decided to tell her how I feel about her (I didn't tell her yet) and she tells me that she still feels something for my classmate, that they talked a lot during the last month. I keep asking myself what to do, tell her about my feelings? Be upset that when she got rejected by my classmate who lied her she used me for affection & emotional support?
What should I do?

My friendship is not based on a interest, as I've said, I tried not like her like this, but what should I do? Does she like me and tries to show it to me?

Anyone else?


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  • SHADY. She is one shady, sleazy girl! Stay away from her, she seems like trouble. Never trust someone who’s disrespecting their partner behind his/her back.

    What do you now? Write down a list of all of her weak personality traits, physical cons, and annoying personality traits. Review the list over and over until you can’t help but see how unattractive she is. You do not want to get close to a female like that. Disaster!


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