Overly attached to a guy I've never met... HELP?

When I was travelling I saw this guy that was staying in the same hotel. He was so attractive but I didn't really give it any thoughts then since I couldn't see him that clearly. When I came back home I somehow, in a bit stalkerish way I'm not proud of, got his name. And I saw him in a picture... And I realised how handsome he actually was. I wanted to add him on instagram or Facebook or ANYTHING but he stopped using them around a year ago so he wouldn't accept my friend request if I sent one (since he stopped using facebook) and now everytime I think back to the vacation or to him, I get this pang in my heart and a sad feeling overcomes me, suddenly this urge to go back hits me. WHY? What in the world is happening to me? How can I stop it? It's really making me unhappy! Please can anyone help? I feel as if I have no life because of this...😟


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  • Hon, your heart is playing tricks with you.

    What is your gut instinct saying about him? Probably nothing good.

    Spare yourself the heartache and pain and accept that he did not add you as a friend.

    You are not a helpless girl swept away by a whirlwind of emotions you cannot control. Take control of your thoughts, your emotions, do not let them run away with you, or they will play you like a fool for the rest of your life.


What Girls Said 1

  • Get out of the house, meet new and attractive people PLEASE. You're getting obsessed with this guy? It's a fun fantasy, but seriously thinking about this all the time will get you no where. So meet new people instead.
    It's just a sign that you're not getting to know enough new guys, so you're putting all your eggs in one basket.

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