Asking friends to set me up with someone, good idea?

Ok so in the past whenever i've asked people to set me up with someone they say yes but after a week stop (they don't even find any girl for me to talk to) i'm not that picky (i'll admit i have a list, but it isn't set in stone bar a few criteria)

I wondering whether to just bury that casket as it were or give it one last go, anyone here had any lucky luck with being set up

FYI: I kinda want to be set up, i kinda find it a little exciting


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  • Haha, If you like it do it. I've met every guy I've dated in weird places. I've met a guy in the icecream isle of a grocery store, another while he was walking his dog, next time you see a girl with her hands full or staring at soemthing for a long period of time ask her what looks good, or if she needs a hand.


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