Hesitant about this shy guy because he doesn't text or talk to me a lot?

This guy has kissed me at a party, always say hi to me, will smile and often look or stare at me when we see each other once a week, and will hang around and then offer to drive me home when i could easily walk home in under 10 minutes.

The only times that he's texted me was when we went on Christmas/exam break which lasted a month.. and we went a good month and a half without talking or seeing each other since i went back home. He texted me saying that it's been a while, and another time saying he thought of me when he was near my city. He also asked to hang out but i wasn't back in town and that was the last sort of 'move' he made besides offering to drive me home when we see each other.

I had a friend tell me near new years that his friends asked if i felt the same way he felt about me but i dont know.. i can't tell if he's being friendly or if he actually likes me.


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  • I think he's just taking it slowly. I'm pretty sure it's normal for a guy not to text all the time. Don't wait around for him if another guy asks you out, but don't ignore him, either. Would you please look at my most recent question? Thanks!