Girls: What do you expect to happen on a first date?

More specifically, how far do you expect/would like to go on a first date with someone? Assuming there was mutual attraction of course.


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  • Hard to answer depends on setting.. or mood and guy. It can go from need to get the hell out to n wanna hangout more

  • Intimately no sex. A hug good bye, a closed mouth kiss on lips or cheek. :-)

    • Would that kind of thing bother you at all from someone you are meeting/have a date with for the first time?

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    • Optimism my dear.. Not pessimism.. If he is interested you should GET a good vibe, not a bad one. And if he asks for another date then he WAS interested. Only reason to say no is if YOU aren't interested :-) and ty!

    • Thanks. Isn't talking in third person hypotheticals a blast? haha

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