First date after not seeing the person for 6 years?

I've planned a date with a guy that went to my school but haven't seen him since school finished 6 years ago. I thought he was very cute then.

I've seen recent fb pics n he has gained some weight. Im nervous that he won't be as attractive as he was. Plus I have never spoken face to face. So nervous.


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  • One date isn't a lifetime commitment. You're obviously curious enough to agree to the date, so just go and see how things pan out. If you decide you're not attracted to him enough, then you don't have to go on a second. Simple as that.

    I actually recently did the very same thing. Went out with a guy I knew from almost 9 years prior, and thought he was very attractive then, but he'd put on some weight. I wasn't as attracted to him unfortunately, but I went and had a good time. His personality that came out later ended up being the real deal breaker, but I'm still happy I went and tried.


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  • Good. You should be. Because that's what'll be reality. Memories are frozen in time but belly fat is not.


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