Why won't he change his relationship status on facebook?

I've been with my boyfriend (25m) for 7 months now, and as a pretty laid back girl I've had no concern about the fact we didn't put anything on Facebook about our relationship straight away. In fact, I think it's sensible to wait till at least a little while down the line.

So it's been 7 months now, he's told me he loves me and I feel the same way about him. I've had a few trust issues with him recently, but tried to brush them under the carpet. The other night I decided it'd be quite nice if I could change my Facebook relationship status, as I'm proud of my relationship and want him to know that too. So I sent him a little message saying 'lame question, but is it okay if I updated my Facebook relationship status?' to which he replied 'of course :)'

Now that was three days ago, and he hasn't accepted the request yet. Awkward with a capital A right? Why won't he accept it, and what can I say/do without sounding like a nag about it?


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  • If he is someone that isn't too big on using fb then maybe he hasn't seen it.
    Or he hasn't changed it because it gives him some form of satisfaction that you have yours up and he doesn't which in turn makes him feel like he is the one in control. Or he has a few lady friends he might be interested in and doesn't want to ruin the chance of being with them.. That way he gets to say it's you and then could be dissing you behind your back to protect the fact that he really is in a relationship.

    • I guess it's the last suggestion that worries me. I don't want to make myself sound unnecessarily concerned about it though or turn it into a big deal. Not sure how i can nudge him into accepting it. Or do I just give it a little while longer, then delete it if he doesn't' accept? Kind of feel that's just like burying my head in the sand though, as there's clearly a problem.

    • I feel if he really wanted a relationship with you then he would be happy to change his relationship. However you need to take control now and turn the tables to see what reaction he gives to what I'm going to.
      Change your relationship status back to single and when he asks you about it tell him a relationship is between 2 people and he obviously isn't Interested in being in a relationship with me and if you were then you would bring your part.. If he doesn't make a nois about it then you know to move on. I don't agree it's like buying your hand in the sand if you delete after a short time because this is your life and emotions at play and you are beautifully and wonderful made and you deserve to be cherished..

    • Thanks so much for your opinion. You're very right! Hopefully I'll soon find out what his problem is. Going to give him till the weekend - just in case he hasn't been on Facebook because of work etc. (but saying that i did tell him I was going to do it!) - and then if there's still nothing, I'll delete it.

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