When should a virgin have sex while dating?

So me and the guy I've been dating had a deep conversation about our past relationships etc.. And I asked him about when he feels we would be in a closed relationship (because I like him a lot) and he said around a month of dating and to have had sex. The thing is I'm a virgin and he knows that, so I'm just confused what to do because I trust him but I'm unsure if its enough to lose my v card to him. Is that an appropriate amount of time to wait to have sex in normal relationships?


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  • So you're not monogamous right now?

    I will say that 'how long' is sort of based on two factors. Whether you're ready to have sex, and whether you're ready to have sex -with him-.

    If you're not ready to have sex, well, it might be quite a while and could well be a dealbreaker if you two want different things, currently.

    If you're ready, it's not that odd for it to happen relatively soon... but its not simply 'time'. it's what is happening in the relationship.

    When I first had sex, it was my partner's first time too. It was about 5 weeks into dating.

    But for those 5 weeks, we'd been together daily, slept in the same bed most nights, and by a week in had been doing oral/manual daily or more.

    That's a little different from 'we have been talking and going on the odd date for a few weeks'.


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  • There is no set expiration date. It'll happen when you're both ready for it, no sooner. Don't let yourself be pressured into something you're not prepared to do.


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  • There is no normal in relationships, it's different for everyone, just don't feel pressured into doing something you might regret. It's obviously important to you so don't just do it with him because he wants to, make sure you are 100% sure! and if you were then you wouldn't be posting this

  • when you feel ready and if you know he won't leave after

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