So confused? Should I tell him how I feel?

So this is related to my last question about being in "love" with my ex. I hate to drop the whole "love" bomb but I mean I always get this little feeling when I talk to him that I don't get with anyone else. He recently told me he got dumped by his gf and then they got back together and as of around yesterday they broke up again and I'm not in the position where because they broke up he is talking to me a lot more which is driving my feelings mad. I know I can't tell him how I feel because he doesn't feel the same and I will make an idiot of myself and its a little too complicated for us to get back together but I can't seem to move on with others guys as I'm hooked on him? It's been months since we dated yet I still can't get over it!! What do I do?


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  • Don't tell him, it will complicate things and get all. messy. Try seeing other guys.