Do you feel anything different when your ex calls you?

OK, so this question may be kinda stupid. My ex called me two hours ago and since we haven't talked in a couple of months, we had a lot to catch up and talked for two hours. I don't know what it was, her voice or whatever, but i felt those butterflies in my stomach. It wasn't a strong feeling, but it was something. That confused me since i actually never think of her anymore. I like another girl which also likes me back and we are some kind of friends with benefits because we only get to see each other on weekends. Still, we are thinking about being girlfriend/boyfriend one day. We're just taking things slow.

So, do you also get that kind of feeling when talking to an ex of yours, even though you like someone else? I'm really curious about this one. Is it normal, or is it possible that I still have feelings for her?


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  • I think you just missed her and hearing her voice kind of brought back old (maybe unresolved) feelings and memories that may not really mean anything. It's really your choice on if your going to act on them or not you don't have to think about it any further if you don't want too. But personally no I'm more indifferent when talking to an ex because their in my past and I believe that's where they should stay and I should move on but that's just me.


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  • No I'm like *sigh* "what do you want do you want?" I don't have seconds thoughts about ones x (my x) that's just me.

    • If this was one year ago i would probably react like that because i was still mad (and she was too), but now that we're actually (kind of?) friends again, i actually felt this instead. Pretty weird huh. But thanks for the answer.

    • Yeah its normal dude but happy to give you some in site on how I see things. Good luck with what your searching for I hope you find it.