So tried talking to this girl I found attractive at gym the other day now but not sure I did it right?

had seen here there once before and don't really know much about her , she's not one of those fit and tight super hot girls more your average girl next door type. your average brunette but with nice body maybe in her early 20's.

anyways I first saw her on treadmill but didn't try and talk her there. then saw her on a few other machines and this bench type thing people do stretches on. at some point I tried to talk to her and asked her where she was from ( as I though she might be an out of town student as gym gets a lot of them from local campus ) her t shirt was also from an out of town school. but my question to her didn't seem to get much of a response and convo never really went anywhere , but her body language and such still seemed positive and I don't think she was bothered that I was trying to talk to her , maybe she though I had been checking her out earlier.

but now not sure what to say or do if I see her again , I do think she could have some potential if I could get her to open up to me but at same time I wonder if she's type that just wanted some space but at same time feel if I tried to talk to her next time in better way she might respond better.


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  • If she's on her phone or listening to music, don't interrupt to talk to her, that's annoying. I would wait until she doesn't seem busy and maybe ask what sports she's into, since you're both athletic. If that goes well, maybe you could pay her a compliment or crack a corny joke! Thats cute and she'd get the hint. Could you look at my most recent question please? Thanks!

    • I think she has ear buds on when on treadmill , she had them off later on cause she didn't have any trouble hearing me talk to her. I don't really talk to people at gym much so not that comfortable talking to girls there. I think if I talked to her a second time it go over better well maybe or she'll get annoyed with me

    • You won't know unless you try!

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