Constantly think my girlfriend is cheating?

I've brought up that I had some trust issues with her before. It's her past she used tk be a slut And admitted it. She doesn't go out a lot any more just school and work. But we are long distance right now and it just drives me crazy when I don't hear from her in a couple days. she thought I was messing around at one point too Got jealous.

When I asked her she was extremely genuine and I believe her but then a couple days later I'm back where I'm at.


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  • If you don't trust her then your relationship will never work. None of yours will if you can't deal with your trust issues.

    • Well I'm trying tk but it's long distance.. which I think would make anyone question

    • long distance and trust issues that's not gonna work out

  • You either learn to trust each other or its not going to work out. It'll just bother you all the time and that's all you'll think about. Long distance is hard as it is but if there's no trust it's even harder. Maybe think about the pros and cons of this relationship.


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