How can I move past what happened?

I liked a guy I met at uni for about a year then went on 2 dates with him, which was in October, then found out he was playing me and all he wanted was sex. Even after he knew I knew, he still insisted that he liked me.

He then started being a complete dick to me, for example he'd treat me like I was 5 and like I was an idiot which was really degrading and hurt a lot, and he continually tried to contact me wanting to 'meet up', I always either ignored him or just told him I was busy.

The last time I saw him was just before Christmas and he made it really clear that all he wanted was sex (which I rejected).

This is really frustrating! I've been trying to distract myself but it just doesn't seem to work. How can I move past what he did?

UPDATE: How long should it take to get over someone?
This wasn't my first 'rejection' so I'm not sure why its taking so long, usually I can get over it really fast


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  • Take it one day at a time don't try and force yourself to be over it right now because that's not going to happen and it will more than likely prolong the process. Do little things start with blocking him than move on to deleting texts and whatever else you have that reminds you of have and just if you have moments of just hurt or frustration and need to cry, by all means cry your justified in being hurt by this because it was fucked up. Allow yourself the time to heal , don't try and bum rush everything because as your sitting there thinking about how you shouldn't be thinking about him and how upset you are at him , all your doing is thinking about him and his actions more. Slowly distract yourself (don't listen to sad music but if you do make sure you some how progress to more upbeat songs) hang out with friends , flirt with other guys (when your ready for that) but overall just take care of yourself first. One day at a time seems like forever but before you know it you'll have stopped thinking about him and be fine.


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  • In my experience as long as you had feelings for the person


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