I am with this girl Its complex please help my girl is a emotionless robot what do I do?

So I have been with this girl for four months. Now i am a addict addicted to drugs i met her in rehab. She has been clean for around the same time as me. Now she used to sell her body for drugs. She has lots o this girl is who that girl is she buggs out if i even like any girls picture. of trust issues and insecurities. Sh is beautiful and i do love her. She is unique tattoos gauges in ear bright red hair and half her head shaved. She tells me she loves me and wants a future. Now she creeps on my instagram and asks me who this girl is and i do not know what to do. She may be bi polar and has explosive anger. I want things to work out. I want to stop being so needy and obsessed. I find myself texting her a lot through out the day thinking about her a lot. Another problem is the sex she is amazing because she used to sll herself so i dont feel good enough ever. I need advice on what to do. How do i handle this girl she is a huge attention seeker and drama queen. Has anyone ever dealt with a girl like this. She also has really sick thaughts last time i broke up with her she cut her leg with a razor. HELP

I also would like to know how do i deal with her emotions she is shut down because she has got hurt so many times in past relationships. She does not express her love to me very much but she does love me she tells me she should not have to tell me all the time how she feels about me because nothing changes as per her feelings towards me?


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  • wow! where to begin! it would be soooooooooooooooo easy to just tell you to get out of this relationship now! But knowing people don't detach so easily even if they are in a bad situation, I will say this in a more relatable way. Set boundaries. Make her follow your rules so that you can attempt to have a healthy relationship. She needs to be in counseling first and foremost. If she doesn't agree with anything you have to say, then you have to get out for your own sanity. That's all I got.


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  • It's all about talking bit by bit mate. Try to build on your communication so you both have the same goal.. Making it work. If you both work hard enough you can get through this, but it isn't easy.

    Gradually try to ask her about how she feels. If she shows an insecurity, reassure her and show and interest as to why it is so you can understand a bit better. As for the sex it's more or less the same. Give and receive feedback, ask questions etc. I wouldn't worry about her past sex compared to now though. She won't even think of it as being the same thing as when she did it for money, let alone enjoy it.

    • Ys i agree its not the same as when she was selling herself for money. Also at the same time she still has experienced a lot of sex so it makes me feel a little in experienced in that department

    • Well experience doesn't count for much when you don't really care what the other person thinks. Just be open to her and say if she finds anything you can do better or anything she likes to let you know, then you can't go wrong really.