23, and I have bad luck with guys! What can I do to change that?

Im 23, very much a hopless romantic

I think i suck at choosing guys. The ones i pick end up huge jerks. I always fall for charm and think thier nice then they end up jerks. Orrrr they just stop talking to me for no reason.

Yes im shy and insecure but im a catch!

I've tried everything online, being set up, just waiting. And im about to give up. I want to be inlove and in a relationship!

In person im sorta awkward around guys i like. But if i dont like the guy i can flirt up a storm

Help? Please


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  • You're still young, the right guy will come. Yes, you're being unlucky, but a nice way to try to change it is trying to be a little more outgoing with the guys you like. You don't need to be awkward. I know it's not that easy to change this behavior, but if you just act normally I'm pretty sure that your chances will be increased and perhaps the right guy is just there. Oh, and when you feel safe enough, approach! Nice surprises can come.


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  • Stop falling for the charm bs. Any guy who wants to get laid uses charm, I suggest you try and find out his intentions before even thinking about anything serious. Try to drag a guy down a long road of dating before commitment and sex, that should weed out the ones who are only in it for the grand prize.

  • I'm very similar in that aspect and am not sure. Unfortunately you kinda have to go for guys that are into you or hint that you like someone. Go for guys that are into you but seem more quiet. If you can't flirt at least seem approachable by smiling and open with your body language. My big issue is asking the girl for her number is think once I get a number it will be easier. I also feel like I'm insecure but a catch. I hope you meet a good guy.


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