Why doesn't he keep in touch?

I just started dating this guy and we have seen each other a few times. I met his parents then I had dinner with them one night and we really haven't kept in touch. I called him once and he sounded like he didn't want to talk but I think he didn't know what to say. I was also sick then and he asked how I was feeling. After the call ended we haven't spoken since. I thought if he really liked me he would want to hang out with me or talk to me. There is also a dance we are going to on Saturday. But I don't understand him. Is he nervous or what?


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  • He may be thinking the same as you. Just contact him again!


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  • When was the last time he called you?

    • I called him last Friday and he wasn't there then he called me back

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    • I'm afraid if I call him back he will get annoyed with me

    • Well logically, you do need to plan for the dance. Maybe you could just text instead if you're worried about being pushy

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