Do any of you feel that the saying 'girls only want good guys to reconnect all the pieces' true?

I get the feeling it is, just based on the previous girls I've dealt with. Im not a nice guy (can be pretty douchey, self centered), but I consider myself one of the good guys. Looking back now, these girls have taught me to look out for red flags. Now whenever the red flag pops up, I run away. By 'reconnect the pieces', i mean when they have hit their lowest. This one girl that I was involved with, really screwed me up for 2 years, when I should have noticed the red flags sooner (i was young, still innocent to the dating world) What's your take?


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  • Some girls, yes. I'm not one of them; my biggest turn off is arrogance/douchey-ness. And you're smart to run away from the red flags. Also, a girl who goes for douches is actually the most insecure because she lets guys walk all over her. And you don't want that. Will you look at my most recent question, please? Thanks!


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