Why would a guy always keep his dating profile hidden?

If you're on a dating site (POF) to find women, why would you have your profile hidden?

I've been dating a man for a month now and when I met him his profile was not hidden. I went on the site again and now its hidden. I asked him about it and he says, "It's been hidden forever, but I re-hid it for a shot time when I re-did my profile." That doesn't even make any sense because you don't have to unhide your profile to update it.


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  • Maybe since he's dating you he doesn't want other women thinking he's available so he's keeping the profile hidden.

    • That's what I thought he would say but then he said, "It's been hidden forever, but I re-hid it for a short time when I re-did my profile." Which doesn't really make any sense.

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    • And also, I looked at his profile again and it says, "If you are interested in finding out more, message me " How is someone going to message you if your profile is hidden and can't find you in a search? I feel like he lied to me but I can't figure out why.

    • That kind of sounds like a carry over from when it was active.

  • Because he doesn't want the lDies to know he has been on POD since the last Ice age. That 's what guys do to look like they are a new user.
    An old trick

    • But that doesn't make any sense either because POF doesn't show how old someone's profile is.

    • It keeps him from being searchable. So when it's not hidden it looks new. Get it? Keeps him from being recognized as a long time user