I feel like it's difficult to talk?

I've been away for a few months & while i was away i had a bit of a rocky time with my man because of the distance.
Now that i'm back i'm going to see him in a week & we are on a better level.
However i feel awkward & like it is more difficult to talk to him now. I know it will be fine when we see each other but i'm scared he's going to change his mind & not like me because i'm not talking as easily.


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  • You will get back in the swing of things. Distance can do that, but also considered you might have changed. Some time apart can change how you feel, you may have changed a little bit. Your may have changed a bit, and not be the same, so it may be awkward for you. Explore your feelings, see if they are the same. If not you may know why it's different.

  • Find something fun and new to try together. Make a new memory. Remember what you have in common and why you started dating in the first place. Catch up on what you were both up to while you were apart. I wish you luck! Will you please look at my most recent question? Thanks!