Please! I need advice!?

So... I've been "kind of" dating this girl who used to be my cousin's girlfriend, they finished they relation because he moved to another country, she never ask/got a closure from thar relation. She's 19 and I'm 22

After that, we tried to make this work, It did for a month or so, then, one day we had a little argument (stupid stuff) In which we stopped talking to each other for a week, In that week I told my cousin how I felt about her, and he surprisingly supported me, I didn't told him we were dating already, just my feelings towards her.

So, I told her about this hoping she would get happy and perhaps make it public or at least not keeping me in the shadows. Well, she told me, even knowing his answer, she still miss him a lot, and the fact that I'm his cousin makes it harder for her to forget, and probably we should stay as friends. I took it easy, until mid December when she came to work with me at my mom's store for 2 weeks, we spent a lot of time together and after flirting a little, we retook where we left.

I was happy of course, because I really like her a lot, she was different, more caring with me, happy. less shy to show affection on public, things were great.

Last week, we had to cancel our plans once again because of her family. None of them or her friends know about me, at least not that we were dating. So I told her over text how I felt about being a shadow In the relationship.

She replied that she had been thinking about It, and for that reason she wanted a time away from me, 'cause she couldn't give more of her even when she wanted, and It wasn't fair to me, because I was always there for her, taking care of her, but that to be honest she hasn't got over my cousin, and sometimes when she's with me, she remembers him, and she's fucked up,

I told her to ask my cousin for a closure In that time, and If after his response, she still didn't wanted this, I would accept It.

To be honest, what should I do?


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  • I think you did the right thing already. Now give her space and time to grieve/get closure. If it's meant to be, she'll come back to you. The most supportive thing a man can do for his girl is just listen and give her room to breathe (always remember that :)). Can you look at my most recent question please? Thanks!


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