So this girl at physical therapy?

This girl that's at my physical therapy place I have a crush on her and I had her snap chat then my account was suspended due to third party app crap etc.. and can't get snap chat anymore and like I dont have her number is it bad if I wrote a note on a sticky note saying what's your number on there because I dont know when the last time I am I am gonna be there or the next time I am gonna be there any thoughts and I would ask her there but like when I get there she is either just arriving or leaving and her mom is with her what's your opinion on asking her number when her moms there bad answer both of these please I need y'all's input thanks!

please help
Should I just do it no matter what since this is the last time I might see her ever?


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  • I would just ask her for it, even in front of her mum if you really like her. Or maybe if you mum goes with you have her talk to her mom to distract her, while you get her number.


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