Should I talk with her?

met this girl and we kicked it off good... its been about 4 months now, she just got out of a 5 year relationship. She say Im soo good to her it seem too good to be true.. Well should I ask her if she still talks to her ex, she told me that her ex still text her and now i feel like she might go back to him like all every other girls i been with?


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  • Lol wow this sounds like my last guy. I was wanting a relationship with him and he didn't trust me because all his exs cheated or went back to their ex. I also am still friends with an ex I was with for 5 years. But im not with him for a reason as I'm sure she isn't either. She likes you and it's not fair to judge her for others mistakes.

    • the thing is she told me that her ex been texting her back... and when ever i move closer to her while she text she would move away like she was hiding something

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    • You can and if she gets defensive something is up. She can try to turn it around and say you don't trust her but at the same time why is she getting upset if there is nothing there. Try asking when she laughs at a text like " hey what's so funny " it's a good opening for her to show. you.

    • actually she does laugh when she's on her phone... well she's always looking on my phone and calls me out... the thing is i have nothing to hide so i show her my phone i dont talk to any other girls.. i have girls as friends and she brings that up a lot... i just have a feeling that she is in fact talking with her ex and if its that case what do you think i should do?

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  • No one likes a paranoid boyfriend. I say give her the benefit of the doubt for now. If she shows signs of losing interest, I would try to ask her about it casually. Would you please take a look at my latest question? Thanks!

  • I would just tell her your feelings before your window of opportunity is up.


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