Am I overthinking or is she lying to me?

So I've been casually dating a girl for a couple months now and not sure if im overthinking or what. This is me asking her about hanging out

So a couple days ago she told me she was grounded cause she's failing school. Today she told me she's out to dinner with her friend for her birthday (and yes she did say HER not him) and might be sleeping over. Do you think she's possible bullshitting me or am I over thinking? I did question her I was like "your parents would let you sleep over despite being grounded?" And she said yeah


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When i confronted her on it again, she sounded totally calm and explained to me why her parents are letting her sleep over her friends house (who again, is a girl)


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  • I think it's too soon to tell. Wait a week or so, and if this keeps up, beat her to the punch and dump her. Will you please look at my most recent question? Thanks!


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  • Yes i think she is bullshiting you dude... she is Leading you on and lying go keep you around... When she is probably with another guy...

    The only way to find this out is do date another girls and cut all contact with her... and if she comes around to meet you or something... Then she was not grounded... i dont think if she is failing classes then she would be allowed to even leave the house!

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