Cute guy in my class? Help please?

So there's this cute guy in my college class and he's in my group with like four other guys, I'm the only girl. We're all outgoing and we talk, but I think he's really cute. I have a crush on him, I don't know what to do?


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  • What state is your college in? Because there's this cute girl in my college class and she's in my group with 4 other guys too

    • Denver. What about you?

    • Negative. Im in Virginia

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  • Maybe you can use school work and him being in your group as an excuse for his number, then work off of that. Or pay him some compliments and see if he opens up to you

  • Get to know him.
    Talk to him more.
    Start to hang out.
    Hang out some more.
    Give him some signs that you're into him.
    If he sends signs back or asks you out, then you're golden.
    Just be yourself.
    Good luck!


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