What's in a title? (Boyfriend, friend, dating ect) and what does he think a title will change?

So me and this guy I like a lot have been getting closer. A while back he said he didn't want date because he needs to be focused on his goals. I am fairly into my goals too (we have a lot of similar goals) and I have no desire to distract him. I want him to be him because that's who I like! I want him to do what he loves. Also FYI Neither of us have interest in settling down or anything either. (No house, babies etc).

Anyhow... We
1. hang out and adventure all the time. Text and call many times a day. See eachother most days.
2. Kiss and have sex
3. Have said we love eachother

And... He calls us friends.

This used to bother me at first but all I really want are the above 3 things. The title is kind of meaningless. So it doesn't bother me... But the only thing I worry about is that he seems to be uncomfortable calling us boyfriend/girlfriend and
I assume the reason he gave is why but since we do the 3 above things I don't think there would be a change by changing what we call us to "Dating" so I wonder why he insists on calling us friends as a label.

Also, Yes, I know monogamy is part of bf gf but in our case I don't think that is part of it. (Maybe I'm wrong though)
I mean to say I don't think that is why doesn't like the title...


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  • He wants the benefit without the commitrment. He doesn't want to be obligated to you or have to answer to you for anything. There is always an excuse but that facts are always the same. He is using you for comfort, sex and company, if you acknowledge that and you're fine with that, then there's no problem.