Im having mixed feelings about a guy... help ?

i met this guy through my friend and like we've been talking for the last month but recently we've talked almost everday or every other day. we dont go to the same school so we dont really hang out. im having mixed feelings and i dont know if i should take it to the next level with him ( kiss/date ) because im not sure if my feelings are there help!!!


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  • loool sorry for this but aren't you too young for kiss.. but any how they say there is only one way to know it if u try it what worse would happen i mean he is not going the same school so nothing weird will happen in case if things didn't work out..
    so yeah go ahead give it a try and u will know

    • but i feel bad if i do anything & i dont like him cus i dont want to lead him onnnn

    • then how are u expecting to get to know him.. this is the cost of trying.. there is no easy way

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